LEED Certified Buildings

California Lutheran University has several LEED Certified Buildings, including Ullman Commons, which particularly focus on achieving maximum points for energy efficiency through efficient heating and cooling design and daylighting. Ullman Commons is certified LEED Silver. Blinds automatially open and close, allowing natural light but also controlling for heat. Windows automatically open to let in fresh air, but also reduce the necessity for air conditioning. Light fixtures turn on and off automatically to utilize natural light. Ullman Commons is the perfect place to dine with sustainability in mind.

Local Suppliers

Campus Dining has committed to buying from local suppliers first whenever possible. With so many suppliers within our geographical area, we are proud to provide you, our guest, with the freshest local produce possible. Local farmers are any suppliers within a 250 mile radius of campus.


Waste Management provides Cal Lutheran's single stream recycling services. Single stream recycling allows our campus to collect all of our recycling goods into a single container. There is no need for sorting or separating, which allows more items to be recycled. On average, recycling rates increase by 30% with this waste system.

SEEd Garden Project

In September 2010, Cal Lutheran established a garden as part of the SEEd Project (Sustainable Edible Education). The garden provides opportunities for students to directly engage in Cal Lutheran's sustainability efforts and supports the nation-wide movement that encourages people to grow and purchase local produce. Campus Dining donates leftover food scraps and coffee grounds from our locations to support the campus SEEd Garden Project.


Cal Lutheran Dining Services went trayless in 2008 resulting in a drastic reduction in food waste and water use in the main dining facility. This is one of the many small efforts to encourage sustainability across our dining location. In addition to trayless dining, Ullman Commons also utilizes washable tableware and silverware to drastically reduce waste in our dining facility.